In Hz mode, the time between each frame being sent is half that of at 60Hz i. Unfortunately, such is not the case in practice. I would definitely recommend using the digital interface wherever possible. The XLT was actually the second best in this comparison with a black depth of 0. The luminance range of the XLT was pretty reasonable but not staggering.

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BenQ XLT Specs – CNET

You can see from the xl2410t image that the text is slightly more jagged in the Xl2410t mode. Senseye Demo showing standard mode left vs FPS mode right. Its only standout design xl2410t is the “lip” that extends downward from the bottom right bezel where the onscreen display OSD array resides. We have BenQ’s latest offering with us at the moment for testing.

There’s quite a lot I want to say about xl2410t default settings of the screen really. We have seen the introduction of LCD monitors which support a true Hz refresh rate, one of the first being the Samsung Xl2410t which we tested back in September Well, there are two serious xl2410t on the front crossing xl2410t arms in sponsored gear with signatures — that’s the gamer’s pose, if you didn’t know.

This takes the form of white halos and trails behind the moving car, and a dark trail behind the moving speech bubble and driver.


Contrast shifts are very apparent horizontally and a significant problem vertically. Black depth was again xl2410t good at 0. Xl2410t screen offers a decent range xl2410t ergonomic adjustments thanks to the high end stand being used.

You can sometimes find yourself pressing the wrong buttons or going into the wrong sections.

Colour accuracy was not as good as the standard xl4210t sadly, with average dE of 6. As simple as xl2410t OSD is xl2410t navigate in concept, it feels antiquated.

xl2410t Stay up to xl2410t It’s not really a suitable preset for obtaining accurate colours and so the XLT is one of the worst in this comparison. Headphone jack, Hz and 3D support. Can turn off auto-switch to HDMI.

This allowed me access to the RGB channels as xl2410t of the calibration process. This mode is clearly not designed to return accurate and realistic colours, but perhaps this xl2410t because the Xl2410t mode is aimed at gamers who commonly want bright, vivid and cartoony colours for their games.

With calibration the screen can perform xl2410t well. From the side, the screen xl2410t is pretty thin thanks to the use of W-LED backlighting. The only adjustments made to the hardware would be to xl2410t the brightness control.

Gamma xl2410t been corrected now to 2. This was only very slightly off the specified The Samsung Xl2410t is still our reference screen from this test.


The BenQ XL2410T 3D LED – The Gamers’ Monitor

There are also options which simulate the native resolution of other popular xl2410t sizes as shown in the menu image above. If you’re looking for a gaming xl2410t with Hz support, a good responsiveness and a very low input lag this is well xl2410t a look. Gamma, xl2410t accuracy, luminance and even the ‘feel’ of the screen aren’t very good when you first plug in the screen and start using it.

Excellent black depth and contrast ratio. Any dynamic contrast ratio controls are turned off here if present. Some background about the collaboration with other developers xl2410t from BenQ’s website: In xl2410y the similarly spec’ed Laptop Panel Parts Database.

The ‘picture advanced’ sub-menu gives xl2410t access to some other features xl2410t the preset Senseye modes, dynamic contrast ratio, display xl2410t aspect ratio controlinstant mode for reducing input lag and the Picture By Picture PBP setting.