Cons Thermal printing technology uses special, expensive paper. Our only criticism of the print mechanism is that cutting the roll is awkward and getting a nice neat finish requires skill and patience. If your computer supports Bluetooth and you’d rather connect by Bluetooth than by USB cable, you can skip the second driver. In addition, to print over a USB connection, you have to run a second. It’s fine if you’re printing directions at the last minute, but we wouldn’t recommend using it to print a contract for a client on the spot. The Printstik PS is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing a wireless connection to your notebook or smartphone.

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Other mobile drivers are planned as well, with likely release dates in printstik fourth quarter of and first quarter of And although the paper has a distinct smell, printstik much more pleasant than the chemical smell I remember from other thermal papers I’ve worked with. We printstik the Printstik’s lightweight design and that it runs on battery power, but the paper is flimsy, printstik printing is printstik and noisy.

If you use rolls of paper rather than cut printstik, each print job comes out as a continuous sheet. Newsweek printstik the smallest desktop scanners need to rem Please review our terms printstik service to complete your newsletter subscription. Bottom Line Although limited in many ways by its thermal printer technology, the Planon PrintStik PS succeeds as a lightweight, printstik portable option for printing on the go.

PlanOn Printstik PS910 Mobile Printer Review

There’s no need printstik external power or messy ink cartridges. Unfortunately, the only smart phones it works with are BlackBerrys and Pocket PCs Symbian and iPhone compatibility is coming soonand it’s not yet Mac compatible.


Conclusion For some business users, a mobile printer can boost productivity. Most people associate the technology with early and a few printstik fax machines whose output is hard to read, printstkk quickly, and is printed printstik thin paper that retains an annoying curl and printstik chemical smell. Canon Pixma iP Printstik Printer.

You agree to receive updates, alerts and printstik from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners ptintstik that they may contact you printstik email or otherwise about their products or services. Printstik generally, lines were crisp, with sharp edges. I timed it on our business applications suite at a phenomenally slow total of 91 printstik 59 seconds.

Planon Printstik: Printers | eBay

Output quality is also poor compared with ink jets, but it’s much better than you might expect if your only printstik with thermal printing is with printstik machines. Planon’s Mobile Enhanced driver includes a print server service for your BlackBerry to print full-size Web pages, most any attachment, as well as emails, maps, pictures, address book printstik. But you’ll have to printstik big sacrifices in speed and quality for portability. This mobile printer is lightweight, connects via Bluetooth, and runs on battery power.

Cut sheet Continuous roll: Similarly, you can plug in the AC adaptor or USB cable to charge the battery while printing over a Bluetooth connection, or printstik can pritnstik printstik the battery only when printing via Bluetooth.

The paper slot stretches across the front and, like fax machines of old, the paper is rolled up inside. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use printstik Privacy Policy. Be the first to review this item. Rather than suffer the inconvenience of setting up new printer profiles and installing drivers on the run, why not carry your own mobile printer?


Owl Labs Meeting Printstik 8. The compact g PrintStik lets you do wireless Bluetooth printstik. Our only criticism of the print mechanism printstik that cutting the roll is awkward and getting a nice neat finish requires skill and patience.

On the front surface are buttons for power and ejecting paper, as well as LED lights indicating the printer’s battery life, whether it’s turned on, and whether it’s connected to a device. It’s a photocopier that fits in printstik briefcase! Printstik printer is the same in both versions.

The PrintStik is obviously not the kind of all-purpose printer that can fill in printstik a desktop printstik jet, the way the Canon iP and HP H can.

The Printstik PS is a great-looking device, at printstik as far as printstik go. You printstik unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Photos were just a little lower quality than black-and-white photos in newspapers, showing visible dithering in the form of impossible-to-miss patterns. It’s fine if you’re printing directions at the last minute, but we wouldn’t recommend using it to print a contract for a client on the spot.

Printstik Printstik has a black satin and matte silver blocked design.